Spectrum for the Future Releases Statement on Shared Spectrum Agreement

Washington, D.C. – Spectrum for the Future (SFTF), a diverse coalition of innovators, anchor institutions, and technology companies, released the following statement on the proposed legislative agreement on spectrum use.  

“A collaborative compromise between the Department of Defense, Commerce Department, and the Joint Chiefs on spectrum use and reauthorizing the FCC’s spectrum auction authority would represent a major opportunity to make more dynamically shared spectrum available for commercial use while preserving DoD and incumbent federal agency services,” said Tamara Smith, spokesperson for Spectrum for the Future.

“Balanced spectrum sharing is critical for our future national security and affords the U.S. a global advantage and the ability to supercharge competitive mobile services, intelligent manufacturing, healthcare and educational uses, while delivering better capacity and connectivity for a wide range of users. We look forward to reviewing the reported proposal with these priorities in mind,” concluded Smith.