Spectrum for the Future Applauds Chairwoman Cantwell’s Proposal for Balanced, Future-Looking Spectrum Legislation

Washington, D.C. – Spectrum for the Future (SFTF), a diverse coalition of innovators, anchor institutions, and technology companies, today thanked Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) for releasing draft legislation to extend the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) spectrum auction authority, support a balanced approach to opening mid-band spectrum for commercial use, and chart a course toward wireless innovation and economic prosperity while protecting critical national security systems.

“We applaud Chairwoman Cantwell for offering a forward-looking proposal that can deliver mid-band spectrum to meet America’s future needs without sacrificing national security. This proposal would restore the FCC’s auction authority and promote an innovative approach to dynamic spectrum sharing that can help turbo-charge U.S. wireless leadership without forcing us to choose between prosperity and security,” said Tamara Smith, spokesperson for Spectrum for the Future.

The proposal would extend the FCC’s spectrum auction authority for five years in a manner that provides the federal government flexibility to make smart and timely spectrum policy decisions, including the adoption of coexistence technologies. The proposal doubles down on the importance of dynamic spectrum sharing and recognizes the prospects for commercial use in the 7 GHz band through a balance of unlicensed, shared licensed, and exclusive use. Spectrum for the Future also looks forward to working with Senator Cantwell to bring 37 GHz to market more quickly as contemplated by the Administration’s National Spectrum Strategy Implementation Plan.

“Chairwoman Cantwell’s proposal rightly recognizes that dynamic sharing is vital to maximizing limited spectrum, and consistent with the findings of the EMBRSS report, will help make that vision a reality. Spectrum for the Future looks forward to working with Chairwoman Cantwell and other policymakers to deliver on the Administration’s National Spectrum Strategy, pave the way for more innovation and more competition in the wireless market, and ultimately prioritize the needs of American consumers everywhere,” concluded Smith.

About Us: Spectrum for the Future represents a diverse coalition of innovators, anchor institutions, and technology companies who agree that an inclusive approach to wireless spectrum policy is essential to America’s future technology leadership, industrial might, and global competitiveness.